Roku provides the easiest, simplest, and smartest way to stream entertainment to your TV. If you have the latest Roku device and want to stream unlimited entertainment content, why not get DirecTV? Below, you will learn the required steps to get DirecTV on Roku and enjoy a plethora of amazing content.

DirecTV on Roku – Steps to Watch Premium Video on Your TV

Do you have one of these Roku streaming devices – the Roku Ultra, Roku TV™ 4K models, Roku Streaming Stick (model 3600R), Roku Premiere, Roku 3 Roku Premiere+, Roku Express+, Roku Express, Roku 4, and Roku 2 (model 4210)? If yes, you are good to go with the following steps.

However, you will need to get one of the suitable packages. Check the options below –

  • Gotta Have it – $70 / month (120+ channels)
  • Just Right – $50 / month (80+ channels)
  • Live a Little – $35 / month (60+ channels)
  • Go Big – $60 / month (100+ channels)

Check the following steps to watch DirecTV on your Roku device.

  • Turn on the Roku device and access the home screen using the remote.
  • Access the “Streaming Channels” option.
  • Navigate to the “Search option” under “Streaming Channels”.
  • Type DirecTV or AT&T in the “Search” bar. You can do that using the virtual keyboard.
  • Click on the “Add channel” button when the app appears on the screen – from the Roku Channel Store.
  • Within moments, the app will be added to your Roku channel list.
  • You will have to access the app by clicking on the “Go to channel” option.
  • Provide your DirecTV sign-in details to complete logging in. (You must have a DirecTV account already.)
  • You are ready to choose what you want and click on the play button to enjoy videos.

Alternative Ways to Watch DirecTV on Roku

You can ultimately watch DirecTV (AT&T TV) on your Roku device via screen mirror. Here’s how you can screen mirror DirecTV on Roku.

  1. If You Use a Smartphone: Smartphone users can follow the steps below.
  • Access the Play Store and download the “AT&T TV” app.
  • Go to the “Notification” panel. Here, you will need to choose the option that says “Cast”.
  • You need to choose your device, i.e. Roku from the given list.
  • It will complete the mirroring. Once done, click on the DirecTV app to launch.
  • You will be prompted to log in. For that, you must provide your username and password.

You are now ready to watch your favorite shows.

  1. If You Use PC: You can screen mirror using your PC.
  • Go to the official link on your computer.
  • Click on the “Sign In” button and enter the credentials.
  • On your keyboard, press “Windows + P” and from the project tab, select “Connect to a wireless display”.
  • Select your Roku device (in the “Connect” tab).

There you go! You have completed the process. Just play a video to watch it on your big TV via Roku.

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